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A closer look at musings from 2 people obsessed with cool stuff
We're half animatronic
Hello Live journal.

Been a few years hasn't it? Well, if anyone still remembers me, I'd love to strike up a writing rapport (sp?) again, as well as hear from you! Hope the years have been kind to everyone ^-^
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Batman type stuff, more based off of the original retro cartoon with Mark Hamill as the Joker.

Totally just a random brain fart, but I shall share it!Collapse )

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Yeah, the images... they were too strong and the bunnies would not be denied and thousands of other excuses...

Sorry, but I also had to give him a suit equally monstrous, as well

Plaid and Paisley Drewgan'sCollapse )

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Hey thar

Here's some artses for Graciewooo, who requested: A Mcgonagall cat-Greg and a Sirius Black dog-Ryan

Well, I wasn't quite sure how to execute this one, so I turned them into mostly human furries that looked like those two critters ^____^

Any who, here tis!


Hey There Good Lookin'

Pairing: Greg/Ryan
Rating: G
A/N: If this wasn't what you were looking for I can try it another route, though that will had to be a while :) Hope you like it!

MeowCollapse )

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Here's a couple of original characters created by Clayangel, who I must say, make me want to read the story. Thank you for letting me in on a little bit of your brain ^__^ and hope you enjoy it!

Probably NSFW because of adult content. Can't see any danglies tho

Clay's DemonsCollapse )

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SO, that art request post I just did blew up! Which is awesome. I love ALL of the requests and cannot wait to start the next one XD

Here's Draconica_Nova's request, which was: Chip the Noble Steed/ Greg the Pink Unicorn pic featuring characters from her AMAZING ficlet Bedtime Story. Check it. You'll lol.

On to the pic!


For: Draconica_Nova
Pairing: Chip/Greg
Rating: G (whodathunk)

A/N: I had SOOOO much fun with every part of this, just ask Nova XD every five seconds I was updating her via the book of faces XD

Omg unicorns...Collapse )

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COOLCollapse )

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Hey girl,

Sorry it's taken near forever and a day to get this to you, and I hope it was worth the wait. Once again, congratulations on winning!

Throw Him

For: Saiya_Tina, who wanted a pic of Colin and Ryan from her AWESOME fic Business and Pleasure, sparring.

Rated: PG
Pairing: Well, it's Ryan and Colin

Work SafeCollapse )

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But apparently Amazon hasn't finished loading their information. However, my publishing peeps do ship overseas.

Honestly, I wait for a better shipping deal XD

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Featuring the Teachings of Wonderment from Karl Sagan ft. Steven Hawking

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